Oachira Kali

Oachira Kali

  • Skei Icecream
  • Posted on: 05-09-2023

In the enchanting lands of Kerala, lies a hidden gem that often goes unnoticed amidst the grandeur of other renowned festivals. Welcome to the Oachira Kali Festival, an underrated celebration that weaves together captivating history, vibrant traditions, and an unexplored edge that beckons all curious travellers to partake in its allure. Join us as we unveil the fascinating story, history, and cultural riches that make the Oachira Kali a must-visit experience like no other.

Oachira Kali is a fascinating martial art form that combines dance, music, and combat.  It originates from the small town of Oachira, Kollam. It happens every year at the Oachira Parabrahma Temple, in Kerala. The temple is very unique as it practises worship without an idol. Oachira Kali is celebrated in commemoration of the battle of Kayamkulam (1742), fought between the Maharaja of Travancore Marthanda Varma and the Raja of Kayamkulam on the plains of Oachira Temple. Against the mighty warriors of Travancore, fought the brave and outnumbered force of Kayamkulam under their king. Although the battle was lost, the heroic efforts put in by Kayamkulam are still proudly remembered.

The Kali: Where Art Meets Martial Skill

At the heart of the festival lies the Oachira Kali, a captivating traditional art form that amalgamates martial skills and rhythmic movements. Dressed in colourful attire, skilled performers wield traditional weapons while engaging in carefully choreographed battles. The participants are divided into 2 groups and they engage in a lively and energetic mock battle. The synchronization of movements, the rhythm of traditional instruments and the electrifying energy of the performers create an immersive experience that leaves spectators spellbound.

The Underrated Edge: A Local's Perspective

Unlike its more celebrated counterparts, the Oachira Kali Festival retains an authentic, untouched charm. The absence of commercialization and mass tourism provides an opportunity for travellers to experience the festival as locals do, fostering an intimate connection with Kerala's cultural heritage. Wander through the quaint village streets, savour local delicacies, and partake in the festival's customs, as this hidden edge grants an exclusive insight into the real spirit of Oachira.

The Sacred Pilgrimage: Blending Faith and Festivities

Beyond the cultural extravaganza, the Oachira Kali Festival holds deep spiritual significance. Devotees from across Kerala and beyond make a sacred pilgrimage to the Oachira Parabrahma Temple during the festivities. The divine aura of the temple, coupled with the exuberance of the festival, creates a unique fusion of faith and festivities, making it an exceptional spiritual experience for the soul-seekers.

Celebrating Diversity: A Tapestry of Traditions

Oachira Kali Festival embodies Kerala's rich cultural diversity, inviting people of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths to participate in the celebrations. The festival transcends societal barriers, promoting inclusivity and harmony as everyone joins together in a joyous celebration. Witnessing this tapestry of traditions interwoven by a shared spirit of unity is an unforgettable experience that truly exemplifies the essence of Kerala's cultural heritage.

Rooted in the traditions of Kerala, Oachira Kali serves as a reminder of the region's glorious past and continues to captivate audiences.

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